Friday, 28 June 2013

Unfortunately, we don't have an eternity to work out how life should be. Life is short for most of us.

However there will always be those lucky people. For some, childhood, adolescence and adulthood stream together like a celestial harmony. However, most people are bereft of this exceptional luxury. Life isn't easy. Challenges arise everyday both short and long-term. A lot of predicaments arise, yet the most important thing is to persist and pursue your happiness.

Time is the most precious asset you will ever possess. It changes everything - relationships, self-image, wealth.. the list goes on. If you fail to take advantage of this commodity, life will be disappointing.

Maybe you just need to wait a while and keep on trying. Motivation is key in this process. Sometimes you just need to motivate yourself to use your time as best you can.

My advice : Be happy and confidant in yourself. Don't let others drag you down.

I was numbing myself so I didn't have to deal with certain problems.
- Demi Lovato on her battle with anorexia. I feel the world can learn from her struggle and be more open about mental health issues. She certainly merits the designation of role model for young girls.